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Mount Penanjakan 2 Seruni PointEnjoy the sunrise Bromo can not only be done at the Peak of mountain Penanjakan 1″ but there are also other spots in doing so is in the peak “mountain Penanjakan 2 seruni point”. Mount Penanjakan 2 Seruni Point is a place to see the sunrise Bromo is located in the village of Seruni point and under the peak of Penanjakan 1.

Mount Penanjakan 2 Seruni Point only be used as an alternative if in the peak of Penanjakan 1 can not accommodate hundreds of tourists, to issue scenery, at the peak of Penanjakan 2 is no less different from Penanjakan 1 because it has the same location just that Penanjakan 2 are under Penanjakan view point 1.

How do I go to the top Penanjakan 2 seruni point.
The way to the location Penanjakan 2 is quite easy: first you can rent a jeep in the area of Bromo then ask them to go to the top of Penanjakan 2, after arriving in the parking jeep you have to walk past the stairs to the condition of uphill road, traveling from parking lot jeep is 30 minutes, after that you have arrived at the peak of Penanjakan 2 Seruni point.
The second way, if you are a backpacker, walking is a fitting choice to climb the mountain Penanjakan, because more healthy and also cheap, journey began in the morning at 02 am, with a duration of 2 hours on foot following the path of the village Seruni point.

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What should be prepared
Mount Bromo has a cold weather with the air temperature 10 degrees at night and 20 degrees in the morning. So there are some things you need to prepare before its you go to mountain Penanjakan 2 is warm jacket, mask, flashlight, trekking shoes, sticks, clothes that can absorb sweat, earmuffs, personalized medicine for the cold allergy do not forget to bring food and drinks during the trip so that our energy is maintained.

During the journey to Penanjakan 2, you are prohibited from littering, graffiti, picking flowers because it would damage the preservation of nature bromo, so just enjoy the scenery and natural the natural around bromo.

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Mount Penanjakan 2 Seruni Point

similarly, a short article about mount Penanjakan 2 seruni point, may be useful for you who want to the peak of penanajakan 2.

Mount Penanjakan 2 – Seruni Point
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