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Rajegwesi Beach in Banyuwangi

Rajegwesi Beach in Banyuwangi

Exploring the Beauty of Famous Rajegwesi Beach of Banyuwangi, East java Indonesia.
Rajegwesi Beach in Banyuwangi is one of the hottest tourist destination in East Java this year. Located between Sukamade Beach and Green Bay which has gained earlier popularity, Rajegwesi has been an alternative destination which is not any less pretty than those two spots. In fact, being the first gate of Metu Betiri National park of Banyuwangi, East Java, Rajegwesi does offer its visitors unique experiences of being there.

The History of Rajegwesi Beach
Talking about the history of Rajegwesi Beach, we can’t leave its relation to the Japanese naval defense during its colonialization in Indonesia. Rajegwesi consists of two words in Javanese. The word ‘Rajeg’ is the Javanese of ‘pile’, whereas ‘Wesi’ is means ‘Iron’ in Javanese. If the words are combined, then we can infer that the word Rajegwesi can be translated to ‘Iron Pile’. It was believed that the Japanese put piles in this beach area which are made of teak, a kind of wood believed by Javanese to be as strong as iron. Besides, the words Rajegwesi may refer to a lot of big reefs in this beach which are tall enough to resemble a fortress shielding the area of the beach from the ferocious waves of Indian Ocean. It was found that the reefs contain iron in them, thus the color of the reefs turns into red as the effect of iron corrosion.

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The Beauty of Rajegwesi Beach of Banyuwangi you must know.

  1. Iron Reefs and Cliffs
    Rajegwesi Beach in Banyuwangi has unique characteristics making it different from another beaches in that area. The first beauty of Rajegwesi Beach is the color of its soft sands. Unlike the other beaches which mostly have white or black sands, Rajegwesi Beach has brown sands in its area, originated from the silt of several rivers which water comes down on that beach during the flood.The splendid view of Rajegwesi Beach does not only depend on the iron reefs, but also reddish iron cliffs surrounding the beach.
  2. Tamed southern ocean waves
    The next exceptional character if Rajegwesi Beach is its relatively small waves. For a southern beach near the Indian Ocean, having small waves is definitely rare. Thanks to the ‘Rajegwesi’ (the high iron reefs) for making this southern beach a considerably safe place to swim and play underwater leisurely. Although you still need to keep alerted.
  3. Turtle conservation
    As a part of Meru Betiri National Park, Rajegwesi Beach works alongside Sukamade Beach as natural habitat and conservation for turtles. In this beach we can see the process of scarce types of turtles spawning. Moreover, you can see the release of grown up baby turtles to its natural habit, Rajegwesi Beach, after once being raised in the conservation place.
  4. Tropical forest
    Rajegwesi Beach looks more terrific and comfortable for the tropical forest in its surrounding which has been maintained to keep its natural beauty. Besides, once in a year, the fishermen conducted ‘Petik Laut’ traditional ritual by floating the head of a goat to the middle of the ocean.

Rajegwesi Beach in Banyuwangi

So, that’s enough talking about the gorgeous Rajegwesi Beach in Banyuwangi. Prove the charm of Rajegwesi Beach by coming there if you happen to visit Banyuwangi during your trip or vacation.

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