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Ranu Kumbolo in Semeru

Ranu Kumbolo in SemeruRanu Kumbolo in Semeru or Kumbolo Lake tourism is a popular highlight in Semeru hiking trip, presenting natural beauty, adventure, and relaxation at the same time.

Ranu Kumbolo in Semeru: Great Semeru Hiking Highlight You Must Visit
Mount Semeru offers various highlights in its hiking route; one of the most popular ones is Kumbolo Lake tourism. Known among the locals as Ranu Kumbolo, this lake is not only beautiful, but also a great place for relaxing activities such as camping and fishing. Since the lake is a part of Semeru hiking trail, travelers must know the best time and method to go there. Ranu Kumbolo also presents enough challenges for travelers to reach it, so make sure you know how and when to go there.

Attractions and Activities in Kumbolo Lake in Semeru
Ranu Kumbolo is a beautiful lake that located in high elevation in Semeru. At 2,400 meter of height above the sea level, with 14 hectares of width. Ranu Kumbolo has great potentials to be one of Semeru highlights, beside the summit. Kumbolo Lake tourism offers beautiful nature, with cool air, crystal-clear lake, lush trees, freshwater fish, and various bird species that live around the lake. Since Semeru is a part of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, this lake also enjoys the same level of protection, which means Ranu Kumbolo still has pristine natural beauty.

There are many relaxing things to do in Kumbolo Lake tourism. Ranu Kumbolo in Semeru has a lot of freshwater fish, especially carps, so hikers can bring fishing pole to fish here if they wish. You can also set up a tent, put down the camping chair, and enjoy relaxing atmosphere and scenery around. There is also a shelter in Ranu Kumbolo where you can take a rest or sleep without erecting a tent. The lake is also famous for its sunrise and sunset views, and if the weather is good, you can see pine forest and even smoke from the top of Semeru from this lake.

Tips to Visit Kumbolo Lake in Semeru
Since there are several hiking trails in Semeru, travelers must choose the right hiking trail to reach the lake. The common routes to go through that involve Ranu Kumbolo are Ranu Pani (Pani Lake) and Watu Rejeng. After arriving in Ranu Kumbolo, you can go back or continue the trip to Semeru summit (Mahameru) if you wish, with the route of Oro-oro Ombo, Cemoro Kandang, Jambangan, Sumbermani, Kalimati, Arcopodo, and Cemoro Tunggal. You will arrive in the summit afterward, so you can enjoy the lake first before experiencing the memorable moments in Mahameru.

However, travelers must remember that the lake can also be accessed during hiking season, because Semeru Trekking trails are closed from January to April every year. Besides helping the hikers going through bad weather in the mountain, this hiking trail closing is also a part of recovery period in the surrounding ecosystem. Therefore, do not spend your time and energy to come to this mountain between January  and April, only to find out that you cannot go up at all.

Ranu Kumbolo in Semeru

Kumbolo Lake is popular even among travelers that do not plan to hike the Semeru until its summit. However, even without hiking, Ranu Kumbolo in Semeru still provides natural and exotic beauty in one of Semeru’s popular hiking trails.

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