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Red Island Beach Banyuwangi

Red Island Beach Banyuwangi

Red Island Beach Banyuwangi or known as “Pulau Merah” here in Indonesia is one of the most famous beaches in the eastern of Java. Previously, you have read about Teluk Hijau or the Green Bay. This Red Island Beach is only 20 km away from Teluk Hijau. Just like many other beaches in Banyuwangi, this beach is also completed by exceptional scenery including its amazing “reddish” color of the sand sometimes. If you now plan a visit to Banyuwangi, East Java, visiting Red Island Beach Banyuwangi becomes something that you do not want to miss at all. Below is more information about the beach.

The Name “Red Island Beach”
The original name for this beach is Ringin Pitu Beach. Ringin is like a banyan tree and pitu means seven. Probably there were seven banyan trees in the area back then. Then, the beach was renamed to Red Island Beach. There are two reasons why this beach and the area are called “red island”. The first reason has been stated before. Yes, it is indeed that the color of the soil or sand at the beach is reddish. Sometimes it is just pale pink and sometimes it is very reddish. When the sunlight hits the beach, usually the shore will look so pink. That is why when the beach is pictured from above, the pink color will dominate the picture. This is basically the reason why the beach is called Red Island Beach. The second reason is because the sunset in this beach is incredibly beautiful. Usually, the color of sunset is orangery and yellowish. However, sunset in this beach is very reddish and beautiful. Literally, there will be red light around the shoreline during sunset. That is why it is called Red Island Beach.

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The Location of the Beach
The beach is located in Sumberagung Village, Pesanggaran District. If you travel from Banyuwangi, it is approximately 60 km away to the south. If you use car, the destination can be reached in 2.5 to 3 hours depending on the traffic and weather. It is quite far away but with everything that you can enjoy at the beach, everything will be totally worth it. You can do so many things in the beach especially surfing. Just like many other beaches in Banyuwangi, Red Island Beach has great and challenging waves so that it can be used for perfect surfing activity.

Red Island Beach Banyuwangi

Surfing in Red Island Beach
The waves in the Red Island Beach are really challenging for surfers. Usually, the height of the waves can be more than 4 meters when the tide. Beside of that, the waves can last up to 3 km. That is why a lot of surfers willingly come to Red Island Beach and try to conquer the waves. Because the waves are so challenging, Red Island Beach was the host of the 2013 International Surfing Championship Competition. More than 50 surfers from 20 different countries across the world came to Red Island Beach to compete against each other. The competition in Red Island Beach Banyuwangi was officially opened by the minister of tourism of Indonesia.

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