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Regulo Rafting Pekalen

Regulo Rafting Pekalen

Regulo Rafting Pekalen, or Regulo Adventure is an online provider that provides a variety of products and packages adventure tourism such as rafting, Combat Simulation / Paintball, Trekking, Bike / Cycling, Drifting and Experiential Program. All the activities carried out in the vicinity of the Pekalen River, Probolinggo.

Regulo rafting is very well suited for those who have guts and try the rapids Pekalen spur adrealin. We recommend rafting tour is done with friends and family to fill your end vacation at the Pekalen River.

The rafting tour is an outdoor sport that is in the interest of tourists at this time. Adventure rafting was made to test your adrenaline. Rafting tour has the longest distance, in the river Pekalen, Probolinggo, namely 13.5 Km, adventure rafting became one of the favorite guests who visited Regulo Rafting Pekalen.

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How can I enjoy a rafting travel in Pekalen use Regulo Rafting agent.
Before you decide to use the services tour package of Regulo travel, make reservations in advance to the official agent Regulo Adventure so that you can be registered in the list of participants who will rafting, then you can make payments in accordance with the method that has been set.

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Then you can come directly towards Regulo the number of participants who have registered. Re-registration and do rafting rafting in accordance with the selected package. Once finished you can have lunch at the rafting is usually included on the package price.

Preparation for Regulo Rafting
One thing that needs to be prepared to do the rafting is preparing mentally and physically healthy also the courage to adrenaline in the strong current. personalized medicine and clothes.

Regulo rafting is highly recommended to try because it already has safety standards that have been tested, because Regulo dare to claim as one of the pioneers and the only operator that uses Rescue rafting and Guide are certified. so no need to worry anymore for operators wearing Regulo Rafting Pekalen.

In addition, Regulo Rafting is a certificate of excellence and accident insurance and safety briefing before rafting always run to give the correct information during the rafting on the river Pekalen.

Regulo Rafting Pekalen

So it does not wrong to wear Regulo Rafting as a vessel operator to do rafting on the Pekalen River. If you want to book this travel Rafting, you can directly to Contact us to get more info.

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