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Rental Horse at Mount Bromo

Rental horse at mount Bromo is a great alternative to climbing Bromo crater when you visit Mount Bromo and not feel like walking through the harsh hiking trail.

Rental Horse at Mount Bromo for Memorable Travel Experience
Mount Bromo is an iconic Javanese natural beauty that you must visit when you are in East Java, and rental horse is a common service that will help you when going through Bromo’s harsh hiking trail. When you are in the actual mountain area, you can either walk through the Penanjakan (hiking trail) or climbing the stairs to see the crater. Since the trails can be quite steep and harsh, they can make you really exhausted, especially since the rocks can be slippery. Renting a horse is one of the best ways to go through the hiking trails, and definitely the wildest-looking one.

Reasons to Rent Horse in Mount Bromo
Renting horses are just one of various businesses run by the local Tengger people as extra livelihoods, aside from farming. Rental horse at Mount Bromo is very famous, and pictures of Tengger people guiding people through the sandy terrain and hiking trails are iconic. Many people use jeep to reach the bottom of hiking trail, but the climb to the crater or hiking trail top is quite difficult. If you want to catch sunrise, the trails will be more difficult, since they are steep, slippery, and rough. Jeeps definitely will not help you once you are in the trails, so horse riding is a more reasonable option.

Rental horse becomes the only alternative to go through the steep hiking trails, and the locals will guide you when you are on horseback. This is a great way to explore Bromo and reach the crater or Penanjakan peak, especially since riding the horse just feels right, considering the atmosphere and scenery. All the horses only have two routes: along the Penanjakan hiking trail, or until the base of the stairs that lead to Bromo crater. If your goal is the crater, get ready to walk many steps after getting off the horse.

Tips to Rent Horse at Mount Bromo
You will find someone who will rent his horse to you, even if you come outside the peak season. However, remember that rental horse in Bromo is something that is regulated in a Paguyuban (a kind of local, small-scale institution), and each local person who rents his horse usually has only few differences in prices. Plus, the price you will pay depends on the distance and route you take, so you could pay between 50,000 Rupiahs (around 4 Dollars) and 150,000 Rupiahs (around around 11 Dollars). The price range probably sways between these numbers, and may change during peak season or currency fluctuation in the country, so do not expect certain fixed price when you rent one of those horses, although there are certainly price limits.

Rental Horse at Mount Bromo

If you are good at haggling, you can get good price when renting a horse. Most locals who rent the horses will insist that their prices are fixed, but some good haggling will reduce the price, especially if you come outside peak season. Rental horse is definitely one of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of Bromo, the old-school way.

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