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Rental a Jeep at Mount Bromo

Summary: Rental a Jeep at Mount Bromo or Bromo jeep rental is a common service for Bromo trip, perfect for people who want adventure and convenience when going to Bromo.

Rental a Jeep at mount Bromo for Adventure in object Bromo tourism

Going to Bromo is in the list of every adventurer who explores East Java, and Bromo jeep rental is available everywhere around Bromo area to accommodate their needs. Since going to Bromo requires driving through steep roads, and there are many areas at Bromo that require tough vehicles, renting jeep becomes popular option for people who go to Bromo, especially if they travel in group (motorbike rental is available for people who travel individually).

Driving through Bromo plateau and savanna are definitely unforgettable experience, especially if you manage to catch clear weather or sunrise. Penanjakan viewpoints are especially popular to catch majestic sunrise, and they are reached most easily with jeep.

Things that Influence Bromo Jeep Rental Price

There are several options people choose when using Bromo jeep rental; either they drive their own cars and go to meeting points near Bromo to switch to jeep. Or using jeep route that takes them from surrounding areas such as Malang, Lumajang, Pasuruan, or Surabaya cities. The price for these routes depending on several factors, such as:

  • The route distance of each rental package. The longer the route, the more expensive the jeep rental price. The most expensive one is usually the one from Surabaya (the capital city of East Java) to Bromo, but many people who do not bring their own cars sometimes like going from Malang, which is cheaper than if they go from Surabaya.
  • The numbers of people in one group. Most jeeps that cater for Bromo trip usually can accommodate 6 people per car. More than that will make your trip uncomfortable, since jeep is not exactly designed for space. Also, the more people you take in the group, the cheaper each of you have to contribute to pay for the jeep.
  • The viewpoints you visit in the trip. These viewpoints, called Penanjakan 1 and 2, are located in Mount Penanjakan. Mt. Penanjakan 1 offers better view than Penanjakan 2, because the location is higher. Plus, Penanjakan 1 area has more food stalls and toilets compared to View point 2.
  • Your trip schedule can also influence the Bromo jeep rental price; if you visit during peak seasons such as near New Year holiday, school holiday or Islamic Lebaran holiday, the price can be higher. It is best to go with friends if you want to go to Bromo and rent jeep during peak season.

Price and Facilities for Rent JEEP in Bromo

IDR. 850.000,-/JEEPSukapura Village4 LOCATION
IDR. 750.000,-/JEEPSukapura Village2 LOCATION
IDR. 750.000,-/JEEPCemoro Lawang4 LOCATION
IDR. 650.000,-/JEEPCemoro Lawang2 LOCATION
IDR. 1.750.000,-/JEEPMalang4 LOCATION
IDR. 1.500.000,-/JEEPProbolinggo Hotel4 LOCATION

Recommended Spots to Reach with Jeep

The routes your jeep rental offers may vary, but Bromo jeep rental generally offers routes to common spots such as Bromo crater and plateau, savanna hill, Pasir Berbisik (Whispering Sand), Madakaripura Waterfall, and Kumbolo Lake. Also, if you want to catch sunrise, you can choose route to Penanjakan, especially Penanjakan 1. The service can provide jeep from various locations, take you to your chosen destinations. Then, go back to hotel or guesthouse.

If you travel to Bromo in group, using jeep is the most convenient way to go around. Make sure to choose the service of the best rental Jeep at Mount Bromo to make your trip memorable.

Rental a Jeep at Mount Bromo

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