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Travel Routes and access to Kawah Wurung Attraction

Travel Routes and access to Kawah Wurung Attraction

awantour.comTravel routes and access to the crater wurung, it is necessary for you who want to visit a popular tourist attraction for the backpacker. especially if you do not know the tourist attractions of kawah wurung, sure, you will regret it, because in that place you can enjoy some of the natural beauty that is very rich, like the hills are filled with grass and trees like parks savannah in Mount Bromo, there is also a pine forest, and there hill rings are very beautiful. Hill ring there are large pools of dried and now only covered by a green lawn that will hypnotize your eyes.

Kawah wurung Attractions actually very near to the Ijen crater attractions, so if you can go directly to both of sites at a time when you will be a vacation to this place.

For lovers of nature may not be familiar with the Ijen crater attractions is located in Banyuwangi, to get in the Kawah wurung route and access is not much different route to the crater of Ijen’s just that most people do not know and have never been to the Kawah wurung, access routes and travel towards the Kawah wurung it is rather bit difficult, Due to travel routes and access to the Kawah wurung no convenient public transportation to get there, I suggest you use your personal car of your own or use the services of travel. besides more comfortable then you will not be complicated by the transportation to get there. If you use a personal vehicle, there are two Travel Routes and access to Kawah Wurung Attraction.

Via lines Bondowoso
If you use Bondowoso lines, you can take the route from Surabaya to Bondowoso passes Pantura – Besuki village. Then take the fork in the direction towards Wonosari Bondowoso. And from there Wonosari-junction, heading towards Situbondo then you take the route to Ijen crater attractions. The journey from Bondowoso take up to 2-3 hours drive to the village Sempol. Upon arriving in the area Sempol, follow the path that has been provided to the crater wurung through signpost very clear.

Via lines Banyuwangi
If you are using the line of Banyuwangi, you can take the route to the Licin village. After 45 minutes of travel, after last-junction and then you take crater of Ijen use via Paltuding. You will pass through the region Paltuding namely the early ascent to the top of mount Ijen. Continued until we met deviations are located on the left that leads to the Kawah Wurung, you take the track to reach the location of the Kawah Wurung.

Travel Routes and access to Kawah Wurung Attraction

That’s some travel Routes and access to Kawah Wurung Attraction, may be useful for your comfort in visiting tourist destinations. Moreover, your private vehicle should require the conditions were very fit and excellent condition of the vehicle.

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