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Safari Park Prigen 2 Indonesia

Safari Park Prigen 2 Indonesia

Choosing attraction Safari Park Prigen 2 Indonesia (Indonesian: Taman Safari Prigen 2 Indonesia) for excursions on the weekends is to be a good choice to be undertaken. Taman Safari Prigen 2 Indonesia is a gathering place for a wide variety of animal species from around the world by habitats that are well preserved, and as a proactive conservation in saving endangered animals in Indonesia, that is not extinct.

Safari Park 2 is located on the slopes of Mount Arjuno, Prigen district,  Pasuruan, East Java. Standing on an area of 340 hectares and is located at an altitude of 800mdpl. Until now this Taman Safari 2 Safari Park is one of the largest in Asia.

Safari Park Prigen 2 Indonesia is also located not far from the attractions Mount Bromo, and Madakaripura waterfall, it has duration approximately 2 hours drive. This tour is very well suited if combined with other attractions such as Bromo and other interesting tourism such as tours in Batu Malang.

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If you are interested to visit this place there are some interesting things to be done, that you can give foods directly to herbivorous animals that pass in front of your car such as antelope, deer, giraffes, camels and so on. in addition you do not have to walk to see the animals there. Sufficiently in the car and see the activity of the animals at the Safari park area, because in this place is given free facility is the bus safari that has been provided by the park. And the most popular you can do is you can take pictures with the kids animals, such as lion cubs, baby orangutans, or cub.

Safari Park Prigen 2 Indonesia has about 2500 collection of animals from nearly all over the world including rare animals such as Bengal tigers, giraffes, lions, orangutans, elephants, dwarf buffalo, dragons and so forth. Taman Safari Indonesia is equipped with various recreational facilities and attractions such as bus safari, artificial lakes, water bikes, canoes, swimming pool with slides of the waves, the little train that crosses the township ala Africa, bird park, baby zoo, Ferris wheel, elephant riding, comedy swivel, circus performances, gocart area, car bombs, house demon, animal attractions and many others. So for Taman Safari 2 not only see the activity of the animals but also you can play with your son or daughter in a variety of interesting rides..

The trip to the Safari Park Prigen 2 Indonesia
Visiting Taman Safari Prigen location is not so difficult, because it is located on the main line Surabaya Malang. Taman Safari 2 is located approximately 55km from Surabaya and located on the side of Jl Surabaya Malang. If you are from Surabaya you just take a direction towards Malang, Travel approximately 1.5 hours from Surabaya. Throughout your travels you will find two tusks giant is on the right path. If the direction of Malang elephant ivory were in the Left highway.

When you have encountered two large tusks that you just entered it and follow the directions to get to are Safari Park Prigen 2 Indonesia.

Safari Park Prigen 2 Indonesia

Make your weekend into a memorable thing in the eyes of your family, invite them to take vacation in East Java and discover to their happiness in this place, namely at Safari Park Prigen 2 Indonesia.

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