Grassland Savanna Bromo

Grassland Savanna Bromo Bromo an popular attraction is very sorry if you miss when you do tour to Bromo. Grassland Savanna Bromo usually known by the name of Jemplang hill located south of Mount Bromo. Savanna/Teletubbies hill has beautiful scenery, fresh air and cool, also nice spot to take some video and picture.

Savanna The Best View at Bromo

Savana Bromo is a green carpet of edelweiss flowers. There are also green grass wide and surrounded by the beautiful hills. It is unfortunate for you if you take a vacation to Bromo, but ignore this beautiful spot.

Grassland Savanna Bromo has a hill that is familiar to the hearing that is Teletubbies. The tourists call it Teletubbies hill because it resembles a hill house leaders child – a son named Teletubbies is a famous film in 90 years.

Savanna is often used as a place for camping, the nature lovers. This place is the most convenient place to spend the night at Bromo. Not only that, the beauty of this park to be main target for the the couples who are doing prewed. Beautiful place with the background of green hills will create a masterpiece that is so amazing.

Access to Savanna

Routes to Grassland Savanna Bromo it can be said that is very easy, you can use a Jeep rental service to get there. Usually the trip when driving by Jeep starts from seeing the sunrise first. Then the best spot to see the sunrise at the Mount Penanjakan view point, or Seruni point.

After sunrise tour, then continue the trip to climb to top of Mont Bromo to see the crater the active volcano. This time you have the opportunity to visit Savanna/Teletubbies hill, then for the last trip is visiting the Whispering Sands. This route that we have made is the route of the packages that we provide such as Bromo Midnight Tour, Sunrise tour, Bromo Milky way tour & Bromo Tour on 2-days.

The Best time to visit Savanna

The best time to see this place is in rainy season, start from January to Mei, because the grass of the savanna thriving in this season. Different when it’s dry season, all the plants in this savanna becomes dry and the scenery is not good to see.

Mount Bromo certainly a tourist attraction that offers a view of nature by so perfect, a cool air and quiet atmosphere provide comfort for anyone visiting Bromo. So, if you want to take trip to Bromo by backpacker or join a private trip with Awan Tour as provide the Bromo tour package, please contact Us through:

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