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Semeru Volcano Eruption

Semeru Volcano eruption

Summary: Semeru volcano eruption has been recorded since 1818, and it is still active, with the most recent eruption history in year 2002.

The Old and Recent History of Semeru Volcano Eruption
Mount Semeru is a popular destination for hikers in Indonesia, and even the most beginner hikers now the dangerous history of Semeru volcano eruption. Each recorded eruption damage the surrounding forests, villages, and even took life. Other than the eruption, hikers are also constantly faced with dangers from bad weather, and recently, forest fire. If you wish to travel to Semeru, it can be helpful to study the eruption history of the mountain, and pay attention to any news related to the mount’s activities.

List of Recorded Semeru Volcano Eruptions
Semeru volcano eruption has happened many times, and the first one was recorded in year 1818, which continued to total eight eruptions in the same year. However, the big ones were started in year 1967. During that year, the mount erupted in six spots, releasing lava stream as long as 6.5 kilometers. More big eruptions happened only a few years later, in 1961 and 1963, creating ash pillar as high as 3,000 meters and 8 kilometers of lava stream. In 1968, the eruption killed three people.

The last three eruptions before the 90s happened in 1977, 1978, and 1982. The 1977 eruption was massive, damaging rice fields as wide as 110 hectares in Sumberurip Village and destroying several houses and two bridges. The eruption also created pyroclastic cloud formation and more than 6 million square meters of deposits.

Semeru Volcano Eruption from the 90s
The year 1990 marked two of the biggest Semeru eruptions in the 20th century, as they created new crater called Jonggring Soloko. Another huge eruption happened in February 1994, when the mount created pyroclastic cloud and long stream of lava. This eruption killed nine people; seven by the hot cloud, and two by the lava. The pyroclastic cloud formation was as thick as 6.8 meters, and damaged villages in several areas, such as Besuk Kobokan, Besuk Kembar, and Besuk Bang Ik.

In the 21st century, the mount erupted several times in December 2002, creating 12 kilometers of pyroclastic cloud and lava stream. However, the eruption did not kill anyone because the cloud did not pass the villages. Pyroclastic cloud has been recorded as one of the biggest killers when Semeru erupted. The mount is still very much active until now and often shows activities, and travelers are advised to pay attention to the news and information about the mount activities.

Other Disasters to Watch Out in Semeru
While Semeru’s volcanic activities are worth observing and paying attention to, there are other dangerous aspects from this mountain. Last 2015, for example, there was a huge forest fire in Mount Semeru that trapped as many as 30 hikers, and few were even reported missing. The beginning of 2016 was also marked with really bad storm in Semeru, trapping as many as 600 hikers and causing the hiking trail to be closed on January 4th.

Semeru Volcano Eruption

Like many other active volcanoes, Semeru volcano eruption is something that all hikers must pay attention to, so make sure to read news about the mountain and its activities before deciding to explore this active volcano in East Java.

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