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Sion View Hotel

Sion View HotelSion view Hotel Bromo located at Raya Bromo street, Wonokerto village – Ngadisari, Sukapura, Probolinggo regency, and so close with Yoschi’s Hotel. This hotel provides simple accommodation and quick access to Bromo hiking trails and adventure trips.

Sion View Hotel: Simple Backpacker Lodging with Bromo View
Backpacker lodging is something that is sought-out by many travelers to Bromo tour, and Sion Hotel Bromo is one that offers basic lodging with close access to Bromo’s popular points. The hotel looks like a regular house, with simple bedrooms and basic facilities, but with strategic location to help you reaching Bromo quickly. This is probably not the best one for long-term stay, but quite good for overnight stay if you only have quick trip.

Sion View Hotel Bromo Bedroom Amenities
Sion View Hotel is a simple lodging with house-like appearance and has traditional-style decoration. The hotel has 30 bedrooms with options between Standard, Deluxe, and Superior bedrooms. Each bedroom accommodates two adults, but for the Superior bedrooms, there are tripe-bedroom options that can accommodate three adults. Each room has standard, basic amenities fit for s cheap backpacker hotel in Bromo. The cheapest bedrooms have shared bathrooms with hot shower, but the others have private bathrooms with hot showers and closet.

Each bedroom also has standard amenities such as beds (either twin or double bed), TV (mostly with local channels), table, and chair. Each room also has terrace chairs, and there are small gardens in the hotel area so you can unwind and relax. Some parts of the gardens also have great view toward Mount Bromo, and there are several small gazebos in the middle ground of the hotel. Since the air can be really cold, definitely there is no need for air conditioner.

With the simple bedrooms and amenities, Sion View Hotel Bromo is definitely a great place for backpackers and frugal tourists who only need short-period accommodation in their Bromo trips.

Facilities at Sion View Hotel Bromo
As a simple backpacker lodging, Sion Hotel does not offer too much in facilities. This hotel has a simple restaurant that serves mostly local cuisines and simple breakfast such as eggs, noodles and fried rice. There is also 24-hour receptionist, laundry service, and airport shuttle. The hotel is about 2 km away from Mount Bromo, so you can quickly go to the sunrise-seeing spot if you want. The hotel also has service to book tour amd rent a jeep, but you are advised to use your reputable travel agent service instead, since it is sometimes not reliable.

Some tips to stay at Sion View Hotel Bromo: you are also advised to order car service if you want to quickly depart from the hotel to other areas, because public transport in the area is unreliable. Also, the weather can be very cold, so you need to prepare sweater, jacket, or other warm clothes to sleep in if necessary (you can borrow jacket or extra blanket from hotel staff, but it is better to bring your own warm clothes). Also, bring hot water tumbler with packed coffee or tea, so you can make a drink in the room after asking for hot water from hotel staff.

Sion View Hotel

Overall, Sion View Hotel Bromo only offers the very basic facilities and amenities, so it is great for a simple backpacker lodging for a very short period.

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