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Situbondo Regency, East Java

Situbondo Regency

What Makes Situbondo Regency Interesting To Visit.
One of interesting places in Indonesia is Situbondo Regency, East Java. This is because there are several interesting destinations you need to visit. Before visiting this place, it is better to read the information available here. Hopefully, after reading this information you can sure that Situbondo Regency is a must visit place.

The Surrounding of Situbondo Regency
The location of Situbondo Regency is in East Java. What makes this regency interesting is on its surrounding. While visiting this regency, you can see sugar cane fields, tobacco fields, forest, and fishponds. The location is strategic in which it is also used as the route of Java to Bali. This is the reason why Panarukan Harbor is a popular place there. Interestingly, this harbor was built in the era of Netherland colonial. Historically, Situbondo is taken from the name of prince namely Aryo Gajah Situbondo. Moreover, people also said that Situbondo is coming from the words Siti (Javanese word) and Bondo (Javanese word). The meaning of these words is Binding Island and it hopes that Situbondo can attract or bind people who come there. The good news is that you can also find more information about this regency by visiting its website, situbondokab.go.id.

Interesting Destinations in Situbondo Regency
So, what you can do if you are visiting Situbondo Regency, East Java? You don’t have to worry because you can enjoy several beautiful destinations. If you love trekking while enjoying the beauty of the surrounding, you can just go to Baluran Mountain. To get more fresh air and greeny surrounding, people will suggest you to see Forever Green Forest. One more popular destination in Situbondo Regency is Goa Jepang or Japanese Cave. There is also a case that you love to relax your body and mind in beach. Actually, you can also do it here. At least, there are five or even more beaches you can visit. For example, you can just go to White Sand Beach, Banongan Beach, Bama Beach, Pathek Beach, and many more.

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If you love to learn history even in your holiday, you can also learn something new at Situbondo Regency. What you need to do is visiting several places such as Japanese Cave, Batu Lantai Site, Sumber Malang Site, the house of Besuki Regent, and many more. One of interesting to learn in Indonesia is the religious places. Again, you can also do it when you are spending your time in Situbondo Regency. Just feel the atmosphere of Syech Maulana Ishaq Graveyard, Poo Tong Biaw Besuki Temple, Agung Saifudin Graveyard, and many more. It will be your lucky day if you can also enjoy one of popular cultural attractions known as Ojhung.

Situbondo Regency

In short, it seems that Situbondo Regency, east java is strange location especially for foreign tourists. But, from the explanation above, it seems you can try to go to this regency as your new holiday destination if you are visiting Indonesia. It gives different sensation and cultural atmosphere. The most important thing is that you can feel different experience if you spend your holiday in this regency. Just try it and share your experience to your friends. It can be that your friends also want to feel the experience just what you did.

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