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SM Bromo Hotel

SM Bromo Hotel

SM Bromo Hotel is a cheap and reasonable price for backpackers that located at Krajan, Ngadas Village, Sukapura, Probolinggo, East Java, Indonesia., 2-star hotel with high quality and strategic location for the best Bromo trip.

SM Bromo Hotel: High Quality Cheap Hotel in Bromo
One of the most common complaints by tourists in Bromo is the difficulty of finding good, cheap hotel, unless you consider SM Bromo Hotel. Despite having relatively higher rate compared to other hotels with the same star qualifications around the area, SM Bromo also offers good basic facilities and service for all kinds of guests (individuals, couples, families, or group travelers). The hotel offers close access not only to Bromo, but also to other local attractions such as Probolinggo Museum and Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park.

SM Bromo Hotel Facilities and Amenities
This cheap Bromo hotel offers basic facilities and bedrooms with standard furniture. SM Bromo currently has 17 bedrooms in its two-stored building, with three options of Standard, Deluxe, and Family bedrooms. The rate does not include free breakfast, but you get comfortable bedrooms with minimalist design and standard furniture such as bed, wardrobe, towel rack, chair, TV, and table. Each bedroom also has its own bathroom with sink, shower, Western-style closet and hot water.

SM Bromo Hotel also offers basic facilities such as 24-hour receptionist, Wi-fi (public spots only), restaurant, and airport shuttle. The hotel also has small garden and terrace, so you can enjoy the view with a cup of warm drink. You can also borrow jacket or ask for information related to local attractions, restaurants, and shops. According to online reviews from famous travel sites such as Trip Advisor, Agoda and Traveloka, this is one of few hotels that have satisfying level of service for 1-star accommodation.

This hotel is often recommended by local guide in Probolinggo for short-period of staying before the tourists continue the trip to Bromo.

Tips to Stay at SM Bromo Hotel
While it is considered a good, cheap hotel, SM Bromo Hotel is still an accommodation that only offers basic facilities. This hotel does not offer free breakfast, so you have to pay, and the options are usually limited to basic menu such as fried rice, noodles, eggs, toast, and jam. However, you can ask for hot water, so you should bring some snacks or packed hot beverages and hot tumbler. Or, you can look around the area to find food stalls or small restaurants; they usually sell only local foods, but you can get hot foods with more varied menu compared to the hotel restaurant.

The area can be cold at night, even without air conditioner. You should bring extra warm clothes to wear at night or when walking around, although you can borrow extra blanket from the staff. The hotel also offers services to book jeep for Bromo tour, but since dishonest scalpers are also numerous in these establishments, you are advised to order tour package from respectable travel website in advance instead of ordering from the hotel. Other than that, you can just ask for information of local attractions or recommended place to buy some basic stuffs or hot local foods.

SM Bromo Hotel

Overall, despite its cheap price and super basic amenities, SM Bromo Hotel is quite a good place to spend short period of time before you continue your trip to Bromo and Tengger Semeru National Park.

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