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Sukamade Beach, Banyuwangi

Sukamade Beach, Banyuwangi

The Beauty of Sukamade Beach, Banyuwangi, east Java, Indonesia.
Sukamade beach is located in Meru Betiri National Park Banyuwangi. It takes about one hundred kilometers from the city of Banyuwangi to the beach. It takes about five hours to go there. It is definitely tiring to go to Sukamade beach, but the beauty of Sukamade Beach—the turtles, makes the trip worth it. In this beach many kinds of turtles are kept and preserved. Those who are still confused of the things to do there, take a look at the ideas below:

  • Observing turtles laying eggs around 08 pm to 01 am
  • Visiting the place where turtles incubating their eggs semi-naturally at around 07 am to 09 am or 03 pm to 05 pm.
  • Releasing the baby turtles into the beach which is best to do at 06 am to 07 am. This releasing is located on the beach.

It is probably because of the beauty, freshness, and cleanliness of Sukamade Beach that make many kinds of turtles come to this beach. Almost every year, many kinds of turtles come to this beach for laying eggs. Before getting to this beach, visitors will have to know that the access to this beach is not that easy. It is suggested that visitors coming to this beach ride off-road cars like jeep. The road heading to the beach is full with big stones and is muddy. The trip really takes adrenaline since the road is bumpy and uphill. There is a reason why the road is left worse since it will make criminals wanting to steal eggs of turtles feel uneasy to steal them. In the last ten kilometers of the road reaching the beach, is the worst part. They will face a river with 40 centimeters in depth.

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Sukamade beach, Banyuwangi is facilitated by camping grounds, shelters, labs, cottages, information center, etc. The best time to observe turtles laying eggs is at night. Light is strictly prohibited around the turtles laying their eggs. Beside turtles, people will see endangered animals, such as monkeys, Javanese tigers, deer, panthers, peacocks, etc. The rare plants like Rafflesia zollingeriona and Balanphora fungusa are available to observe as well. Those who love to see birds will be able to enjoy seeing them by having a ride in a boat exploring the Mangrove forest where the birds will be on the Mangrove trees or fly around the trees with their beautiful sound. The atmosphere the visitors will get is so natural and peaceful.

Visitors wanting to visit Sukamade Beach will have to consider many things since it is so tiring and takes time to go there. Take a look at the things below.

Important things to know about Sukamade Beach, Banyuwangi:

  1. The beach is not for those who want to swim
  2. Make sure you know that the beach is so far and the road heading to it is terrible with so many gravels. If you are from Rajagwesi Beach or Green Bay, the road is actually the only access for visitors and operational trucks of Meru Betiri National Park. You will have to do the trekking back and forth for sure.
  3. It is fine to book a truck if you are too tired to continue the trekking. It is better if you book the truck after you have lunch since the truck is only available after 12 in the afternoon.
  4. Besides booking a truck or doing the trekking, visitors will also be able to rent a jeep.
  5. It is impossible for visitors not to stay at night there. All they have to do is book a room in Sukamade Guest House or bring a camping tent to have a very exciting experience sleeping in an open space with the sound of animals around.
  6. There is only one eating place in Turtles Conservation Place.

Sukamade Beach, Banyuwangi tourism

It is no doubts if the beach is interesting to visit. The trip seems uneasy to do, so visitors need to really have a good plan and preparation. There are some posts available with first aids for sure however it is suggested to bring your own medication. Additional drinks and foods have to be with you, since the road heading to the beach is tough and tiring. It is hoped that the article about the beauty of Sukamade Beach, Banyuwangi will get you inspired to go there.

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