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Sukapura Permai Hotel

Sukapura Permai HotelSukapura Permai Bromo or Sukapura Permai Hotel is a very simple hotel that is close to Bromo, and great for short-period lodging for Bromo travelers.

Sukapura Permai Hotel, Simple Hotel near Bromo.
Many people who come to Bromo looks for simple accommodation for short-period stay only, and Sukapura Permai Hotel is one of such lodgings. Located close to Bromo with amazing view, this hotel offers simple accommodations with standard facilities, which are great for short-stay in Bromo when you only have short period of holiday time. The hotel has standard facilities, very simple amenities, but more than enough for super short stay in Bromo.

Just like any other lodgings in the area, Sukapura Permai is located on the side of the main street, with chilly air due to its hilly position. It is quite easy to find and you can always ask the locals to show you the location, except if you use rental car with driver or tourist bus.

Sukapura Permai Hotel Room Types and Amenities
As a simple hotel in Bromo, Sukapura Permai does not offer something special, but its rooms provide basic amenities that are enough for short stay. The hotel offers Standard Double and Standard Twin rooms, which are separated only from their bed types. Each room accommodates two adults and there is no addition, so you do not have to pay extra if there are three people sleeping in the room (there is no extra bed). The rooms are quite simple, with minimalist decorations and basic furniture. Each room has beds, wardrobe, towel rack, sink, chair, table, and TV (with mostly local channels). The rooms also have private bathrooms with hot shower and toilet. The room also has small terrace with terrace chairs, and view toward the surrounding greens in the hilly area. The air can be quite chilly, but you can borrow extra blanket from the staff if you feel cold at night.

Facilities at Sukapura Permai Hotel Sukapura Permai Hotel
Bromo has very basic facilities. The hotel has quite spacious parking space, separated between car and motorbike parking lots. The hotel offers room service, laundry, and tour package, although it is best to order your tour from reputable travel agents or from roadside locals (actual locals who offer trip guide to Bromo with some payment, not travel package scammers). You can ask the staff for information about trip to Bromo Tour, such as how long you should walk or drive to reach the base of Mount Bromo.

Since the hotel is simple, you should You can also get free breakfast from the hotel, but it has limited food options, so you better find some local food stalls and bring some snacks or instant foods to eat with hot water. Bring hot water tumbler so you can ask for hot water from the staff, and make cup noodles, tea, or coffee in your room. There are several local food stalls around the area and small shop to buy basic stuffs, but do not expect too much from this hotel and its surrounding areas, except for the view.

Sukapura Permai Hotel

In short, this hotel is good if you stay for just short period (such as overnight), because it only offers basic amenities. However, Sukapura Permai Hotel offers good view and strategic location for quick access to Mount Bromo base

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