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Sulfur Mining Activity in Ijen Crater

Sulfur Mining Activity in Ijen Crater

Mount Ijen Crater is a tourist attraction located in Banyuwangi, Indonesia. while a visit to this place there is a unique activity that was done by the local population, namely sulfur mining activities. This activity is traditionally done by the people who are their livelihood, the miners work everyday towards the summit crater of Ijen to take sulfur around the crater. incredibly, they are not afraid to approach the crater of Ijen down the steep and dig sulfur using simple equipment without adequate safety procedures.

During the trip to the summit crater of Ijen, views of sulfur miners have become the hallmark of scenic Mount Ijen, and a tourist attraction. because, foreign tourists often perpetuate sulfur mining activity in the crater of Ijen start making process to the production process with a camera as memories – memories of their trip.

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Sulfur mining process.
Sulfur Mining Activity in Ijen Crater initially climb Ijen crater for 3km, then trekking down the crater of Ijen smoky thick and pungent sulfur smell without using a mask. then they take molten sulfur from the cliffs of the steep crater.

The molten sulfur is taken from a pipe leading source of volcanic gases that contain sulfur. The volcanic gas piped out molten sulfur and red. then quite flush with water, When it is cold, the molten sulfur becomes hard and yellow.

Sulfur crusts that have been collected, then retrieved a crowbar and cut into pieces, for easy transport. The miners will carry the sulfur from bottom of the crater to the top of the crater and then trekking down the trail on the slopes, to the site of collectors as far as three kilometers.

To bring sulfur into the collectors are never easy because of the condition of the hiking trail to the crater of Ijen passed was full of rocks and slippery. especially if there is fog dropped after midday will shorten the distance vision.

Another danger that can meet the miners is the trail are steep, if they are not careful can slip and get into the crater aqueous acid levels are very high. Besides gas concentrated sulfur fumes can come at any time is dangerous if inhaled, because it can cause shortness of breath, and not good for lung health. Then eyes will also feel sore and blurred because of high levels of acid in the gas.

Income sulfur miners.
Sulfur Mining Activity in Ijen Crater worked from midnight until midday, they were able to bear the weight of the sulfur in the basket 80-100 kg on their shoulders down the steep slope. In a day of sulfur miners could carry 2-3 times to go home. average working in the mining of sulfur aged 40 years and over.

The wages received for a kilo of sulfur is Rp 800.00 per kg, if they are able to bear the weight 3 times and had once 70kg per carrier, then their income is 168,000. wages are not bad for them, but keep in mind this very strenuous work, because the results are not comparable to the risks that must be faced every day. But that’s their job, and every day is done with pleasure.

Sulfur Mining Activity in Ijen Crater

Besides working as a miner, those with foreign language skills, utilizing the knowledge and rules of thumb they become as a guide at the crater of Ijen. Usually foreign tourists take advantage of their services to guide the climb Ijen caldera crater in the evening to see the blue flame of natural phenomena.

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