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Tips to B29 Summit in Bromo

Tips to B29 Summit in Bromo

21 August 2019 144 tourist info

Do you know B29 Summit (2.900masl) that located at Argosari village, Lumajang east Java ? Today I will review about travel Tips to B29 summit in Bromo if you want to visit there. Tips to B29 summit require extra efforts,… Readmore »

B29 Summit East Java

B29 Summit East Java

20 August 2019 100 east java tourism

B29 Summit east Java (Puncak B29 Bromo) is a challenging trekk but wonderful activity to spend your leisure as you trek along the rain forest with Mountain Bromo and mountain Semeru View as the background. B29 Summit Bromo East Java,… Readmore »

Map and location of Mount Bromo

18 August 2019 297 tourist info

Discussion about a map and location of Mount Bromo are important travel guides for any travelers to reach the mountain from various directions and explore. Guide to Reach Bromo: the Map and Location of Mt. Bromo (2.329m asl) Mount Bromo is… Readmore »

Rental Horse at Mount Bromo

Rental Horse at Mount Bromo

18 August 2019 97 tourist info

  Rental horse at mount Bromo is a great alternative to climbing Bromo crater when you visit Mount Bromo and not feel like walking through the harsh hiking trail. Rental Horse at Mount Bromo for Memorable Travel Experience Mount Bromo… Readmore »

Trail Motorbike Rental at Bromo

Trail Motorbike Rental at Bromo

18 August 2019 217 tourist info

Some option to enjoy the beauty of Bromo to use Trail motorbike rental at Bromo or Rental motor trail Bromo gives you sense of wild adventure on the sandy volcanic plateau near Mount Bromo. Trail Motorbike Rental at Bromo: Best… Readmore »

Rental a Jeep at Mount Bromo

17 August 2019 80 tourist info

  Summary: Rental a Jeep at Mount Bromo or Bromo jeep rental is a common service for Bromo trip, perfect for people who want adventure and convenience when going to Bromo. Rental a Jeep at mount Bromo for Adventure in object… Readmore »

The Best Object Tourism around Bromo

The Best Object Tourism around Bromo

16 August 2019 67 tourist info

Must be know about the best object tourism around Bromo is not just the summit, but also various hiking trails and natural attractions that form the entire mountain area. List of the Best Attraction around Bromo You must Visit When… Readmore »

Tengger Tribe of Bromo

15 August 2019 168 tourist info

Summary: Tengger Tribe of Bromo (Indonesian: Suku Tengger) lives in Mount Bromo area. It is famous for their resilience, friendliness, horse riding skill, and their insistence to keep their tradition alive. What to Know about Tengger Tribe at Mount Bromo… Readmore »

The Legend and Story of Mount Bromo

15 August 2019 148 tourist info

Summary: The legend of Mount Bromo describes enthralling story between a beautiful, smart daughter of priest and an evil giant that caused the emerging of Mount Bromo. Mount Bromo is not just a travel icon of Java; The Legend and… Readmore »

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