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Tanjung Papuma Beach, Jember

Tanjung Papuma Beach, JemberAmazing Scenery at Tanjung Papuma Beach, Jember
Tanjung Papuma Beach, Jember is one of the beaches in Indonesia is very beautiful. The beach is located on the southern coast of East Java. The beach is located in the village of Lojejer, district Wuluhan. Distance to the beach is 45 km from Jember. On this beach you can see the beautiful white sand and clean. You can sunbathe on this beach. On the beach there are ayam alas, lizard, warthog, porcupine, deer, and many more.

The Beauty of Tanjung Papuma Beach
On the beach there are facilities for visitors who want to enjoy the beach atmosphere. There is lodging and a place to camp. The atmosphere on this beach is even more beautiful when the sun sets. The wind and the sound of ocean waves make the atmosphere more romantic. This beach is one of the unique beaches. Papuma become into the list of beautiful beaches in Indonesia. Rock with a unique and beautiful shape can be found at Papuma Beach. This beach has a temperature between 25-32 degrees.

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On the Tanjung Papuma beach there are high rocks. The reef is known as Siti Hinggil. Siti Hinggil is the Java language for plateau. You can ride the fishing boat to see the beauty of this beach. On the rocks with a height of more than 50 meters above sea level, you can see Goa Lawa. Goa Lawa is bat cave with a depth of more than 30 meters above sea level. This cave can be seen when tide low. This cave is a place for meditation of Kyai Mataram. This beach has been organized into a beautiful tourist spot with full facilities. The beach is completed with camping places, mosques, camping, parking, restrooms, and restaurants. There is also special lodge that you can use to rest. On this beach, you can also see handicrafts produced by local people. You can also buy special food from Jember city.

Trip to Tanjung Papuma Beach
Travelers who come from outside the East Java had to go to city of Surabaya. Then, you can move on to the town of Jember use the bus. The journey from Surabaya to Jember City takes one hour. You can rent a car or motorbike from Jember City to Tanjung Papuma Beach Jember, because this path is not traversed by public transport. Although your journey is far enough, you can enjoy the beauty of Tanjung Papuma Beach and rest at the inn that surround the beach. You can enjoy the delicious food which is on the seashore.

Tanjung Papuma Beach, Jember

Tanjung Papuma Beach beauty is making a lot of people interested to visit this beach and spend time to relax and camping with the family. Tanjung Papuma is favorite place for photography enthusiasts for the exotic of sea view. The scenery is often hunted by the visitors is the view of the sunrise and sunset. The visitors chose to stay at the lodge so that in the morning they could see the beauty of the morning sun on Tanjung Papuma Beach, Jember.

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