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Teluk Hijau Beach (Green Bay)

Teluk Hijau Beach (Green Bay)

Visiting the Unforgettable Teluk Hijau Beach (Green Bay) in Banyuwangi East Java.
Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia is completed by numerous beautiful beaches and one of them is Teluk Hijau Beach (Green Bay). The beach is situated in Rajegwesi, Sarongan, Banyuwangi. This beach is very famous for its beautiful scenery of greenish ocean and white sand. The beach is also surrounded by rocks and forest. It looks really natural and that is why people love to visit it. Below, you will find more information about Teluk Hijau Beach (Green Bay).

What’s Behind the Name?
The name “Teluk Hijau” literally means green bay. Indeed, the beach is quite close to the bay called Grajagan and the green part in here is because if the beach is looked from afar, the ocean has beautiful green color. The color green is also there in the forest around the beach. Looked from above, the dominating color of the scenery is green. This is the reason why the beach is called a Green Bay. The name is as beautiful as it sounds, actually.

Getting to the Beach
This beach is situated approximately 20 Km from the famous Pulau Merah. The beach is a part of Meru Betiri National Park. Reaching the beach is quite an effort because tourists must pass bumpy roads and also challenging driving conditions. However, you can also see wonderful scenery of vast and beautiful plantations and also rice fields along the way. So, you will got get bored at all. Beside, you will see even more magnificent scenery once you get to the beach. Remember, the beach is incredibly beautiful with its crystal clear greenish and bluish ocean. If you plan to go to the beach from Rajegwesi Beach, all you need to do is taking a small boat available there. The journey will be only 20 minutes and you will get to to the beach.

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What is in the Beach?
Once you get to the beach, you will be greeted by the vast beach panorama with rocks, sand, and ocean. It is like in the movies because if you are lucky, the beach is not very crowded. It is like you have your own paradise there. The beach is so beautiful especially during the sunny day. The beach is surrounded by forest and also rocks. Around the beach you can see locals selling goods and also renting motorbike. On the beach, you will be able to play with the sand and with the waves. The waves are pretty big, though, so, keeping an eye on everything especially your safety is a wise thing.

What to Do?
Surfing is “doable” at the beach. However, the waves are pretty harsh and only professional surfer can conquer the waves, eventually. Swimming and snorkeling are not suggestible as well because of the harsh waves. You can do many things, still. You can go fishing and sightseeing. Today, lots of local has been trying to make fun entertainments at the beach including renting ATV and banana boat as well.

Teluk Hijau Beach (Green Bay)

So, visiting Teluk Hijau Beach (Green Bay) in Banyuwangi Regency, East Java will not be boring at all, really.

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