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The Beauty Panoramic of Kawah Ijen

The Beauty Panoramic of Kawah Ijen

If you visit Banyuwangi in East Java, then you have to spare your time to see the beauty panoramic of Kawah Ijen as one of the best tourism spots in Indonesia.

Knowing The Beauty Panoramic of Mount Ijen in Banyuwangi
Have you ever visited the beautiful Mount Ijen? If you have not, you need to make a plan to visit that place in order to see magical and gorgeous things on the top of it. Besides, the beauty panoramic of mount Ijen is very famous in the world and it is proved by many tourists comes to this place everyday in one year. Also, that mountain is not only visited domestic tourists only, but also many foreign backpackers enjoy their holiday in this place.

The Beauty Panoramic of Kawah Ijen You Must See
Mount Ijen Crater is one of the volcanic attractions in Indonesia and it is famous because of the charming panorama around it. If you want to explore this place, you need to prepare yourself properly and wear thick clothes since the temperature in Ijen is about 2-8 degree centigrade. You can see many beautiful plants live in this area such as Casuarina junghu or Cemara Gunung and Edelweiss flower that you can find in Bromo also. Beside it, the beauty panoramic of mount ijen is also completed with many various animals such as porcupine and jungle fowl.

The distance between mount Ijen and Banyuwangi is about 68 km. Based on its development; there are many facilities that you can find here such as tourist information center, shelters, and also campgrounds with another supporting facility. If you want to enjoy the best panorama there, you need to explore it in the morning after the sun rises. At certain time, that place will be closed because of the thick smoke that comes from the crater and it is dangerous for health since it contains poison. Ijen crater itself is filled with blue lake and around it, you can find the surfaces with yellow sulfur as another spectacular panorama.

Ijen Crater is well known as the world’s largest acidic lake and that place is used for sulfur mining. Many people that live around crater have become the site labor of this mining area with manual and traditional way. They will bring the sulfur with two big baskets without any machines. Men power is the most dominant thing you will see in this area. In the very early morning, those men have to walk about three kilometers from the Paltuding or Ijen’s entrance gate to the mining site. Everyday, they can collect 350 sulfur stones that will be sold again or made of figures as the authentic things from Ijen.

As you know Mount Ijen has many spectacular things to be seen especially the phenomenon blue fire. This phenomenon will be seen clearly at night since there are fogs and smokes in the afternoon. At night, the lake will reflect the blue flames that become the tourists’ attraction. The blue flames are not magma that coming from the inside mountain and flowing down to the hills, but it is made from the sulfur gas. Beside the beauty panoramic of kawah Ijen, there are many festivals and other exhibition that always be held in this area such as mount Jazz music festival and other cultural festival that can be enjoyed by many people.

The Beauty Panoramic of Kawah Ijen

May this information about the beauty panoramic of Kawah Ijen will give you an inspiration to make holiday plans to that beautiful mountain as the best destination to blend with nature.

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