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The Best Object Tourism around Bromo

The Best Object Tourism around Bromo

Must be know about the best object tourism around Bromo is not just the summit, but also various hiking trails and natural attractions that form the entire mountain area.

List of the Best Object Tourism around Bromo You must Visit
When it comes to visiting a mountain, people usually refer to the summit as the peak of its beauty, but the best object tourism around Bromo is not just the peak. From hiking trails and savannah field to temple and sand field, Bromo has numerous attractions waiting for adventurous travelers or those who are interested with the culture and myth surrounding it. Every year, Bromo is packed with travelers and adventurers around the world, and you can add this mountain area as one of your destinations during your visit to East Java, Indonesia.

Popular Best Object Tourism around Bromo
Here is the most popular best object tourism around Bromo everyone must put in their list when visiting the area:

  1. Bromo Sandy Plateau.
    Bromo is surrounded by 10 square kilometers of black sandy plateau, which is a great spot to do various adventurous activities. You can ride a horse, ride trail motorbike, or drive jeep in this area. You can also continue the trip to Bromo crater from this sandy plateau, but you cannot take a jeep to pass Bromo’s outer danger radius (about 2.5 kilometers from the mountain).
  2. Bromo crater.
    The one importent thing at Bromo area is Bromo Crater, this the active crater offers spectacular view, great photography background, and perfect spot to witness the annual Kasada ceremony held by Tengger people.
  3. Penanjakan summit.
    Penanjakan is a smaller mountain located in the western part of Bromo, and a great spot to see sunrise and sunset in Bromo. There are 2 mount Penanjakan the first is Penanjakan view point 1 and the second is Penanjakan 2 Seuni Point. This is a popular photography spot, since you can see Mount Bromo, Mount Batok, and Mount Semeru from the best location. There are several hiking trails to Penanjakan summit, which you can tread on foot or with horse.
  4. Pasir Berbisik (Whispering Sand).
    This is a name for sandy surface famous for the wavy sand patterns and soft, whisper-like sound that happens when wind blows over this area. Whispering sands or Indonesia language Pasir Berbisik was made famous by a movie with the same name, and until now, it is a popular spot for photography background, including for pre-wedding.
  5. The Savanna (Teletubbies Hill).
    This area is popular among adventurer travelers who love to rent jeep or trail motorbike and explore the area. This savanna is also popular because of its peculiarity; savanna is not something people normally see in Java Island.
  6. Poten Temple.
    This temple is located at the feet of Mount Bromo and a holy building for Tengger tribe. This is where the Kasada ceremony started, but the building that is surrounded by beautiful, dramatic view is also a great background for amazing photography.

How can you visit all these the best object tourism around Bromo in one visit? You can order travel packages from travel agents that offer Bromo trip. Even for short period package, you can still visit the most iconic spots around Bromo. These travel packages also offer jeep rental, since it is a main transportation preferred by most people who come here, unless it offers other services such as trail motorbike, rental Jeep and horse riding (they usually must be ordered individually).

The Best Object Tourism around Bromo

Visiting the iconic things for the best object tourism around Bromo is a way to enjoy this spectacular mountain in East Java without missing the best part.

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