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The Phenomenon Blue Fire in the Ijen Crater

The Phenomenon Blue Fire in the Ijen Crater

One thing you must see if you climb the mount Ijen is the phenomenon blue fire in Ijen crater or Ijen crater Blue flame phenomenon that you can’t find at another mountain in other places beside Indonesia.

Learning More About The Phenomenon Blue Flame in the Ijen Crater
What are you looking for in mount Ijen in Banyuwangi, east Java ? Is it lake, sulfur or coffee plantation? Beside those things, you must see the phenomenon blue flame in the Ijen Crater that has been famous lately for domestic and foreign tourists. This phenomenon can be seen in night only so you need to prepare yourself to climb the mountain if you want enjoy this magical things. Also, many researches are conducted in this area by the professionals to see this rare thing.

The Phenomenon Blue Fire in the Ijen Crater: How it Happens?
In Indonesia, you only find the phenomenon blue flire in the Ijen Crater and you need to learn more about it. In fact, the blue flames are not caused by any magical thing or miracle. It is made purely by the nature. The blue flames that come out to the sulfur mining are caused by sulfur gases’ activities. You can see this thing clearly at night if you start trekking at 1 am before dawn. When the night becomes darker, you will see this blue glow clearly without barrier and it will disappear at 5 am when the sun rises. You need to come at the right time since it is not a short journey at night to see it.

Because of this phenomenon, many researchers try to observed and find out the secret behind the blue fires. Some studies said that it was a truly natural phenomenon without a touch from any man. It is coming from the sulfur and not from the lava. However, this flame is as hot as real lava about 360 degree Celsius since the gas is making contact with the air temperature. At night, the fire will turn to blue and you can see it clearly without any equipment. However, it will turn yellow or orange after sunrise. In the afternoon, the sulfur will emerge the high temperature and pressure in large quantity. Sometimes, the temperature of sulfur is over 600 degrees Celsius.

Many tourists say that they will feel in another planet when they hit this area. Though it is beautiful, but blue flames is very dangerous. It will blow out the gas that will affect your respiratory system so you may need to put a mask on your face as protection. Many professional photographers come in this area to make documentations of it and some of them come from other countries. The phenomenon blue flame in the Ijen Crater occurs when the gases are forming into liquid sulfur and burning down. Then, it will flow down to the slope so it looks like lava.

Based on the study, this mineral has low melting point up to 115 degrees Celsius and it is the lowest state. However, you may not touch it since it is still hot. Also, the burning fire will happen day and night, however, you can see it clearly at night. In the darkness, the flame will glow so you can see it without any equipment. In the afternoon, you can’t see this phenomenon since fogs and smokes will cover the crater.

The Phenomenon Blue Fire in the Ijen Crater

May this information about the phenomenon blue fire in the Ijen Crater will inspire you to go to the same place to see it with your own eyes and believe that miracles can happen in Indonesia.

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