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The Phenomenon milky way in the Ijen Crater

The Phenomenon milky way in the Ijen Crater

Explore the Ijen crater to see the The Phenomenon milky way in the Ijen Crater is one of several iconic hiking attractions in Mount Ijen, beside the blue fire and sulfur mining activities.

Spectacular Hiking Attractions: Ijen Milky Way, Blue Fire, and Sulfur Mining
Ijen is one of the most iconic mountain destinations in East Java, with several spectacular attractions such as Ijen Milky Way and Blue Flame. While the route is challenging and dangerous during rainy season, the surrounding beauty is something that you do not want to miss. You must come in the right time to see all the spectacular attractions, especially if you only have short holiday period. These natural attractions make Ijen popular among local and foreign tourists, and you will get some amazing photos for holiday album.

Ijen Milky Way: Popular Destination for Short Trip
Travelers who only have short holiday time make Ijen Milky Way as one of the main natural attractions to see when they visit. There are several good places to see Milky Way in East Java, such as in Semeru and Ranu Kumbolo Lake near Bromo, but seeing it in Ijen makes the experience more dramatic. This Milky Way formation even becomes the main reason of photographers and videographers to come and capture the beautiful star formation. The phenomenon is so famous that there are several communities specialize in capturing Milky Way formation in several East Java locations, including in Ijen.

A short holiday package typically consists of going to Ijen from big cities like Surabaya or Malang with land transportation, before hiking from Paltuding Post to Ijen crater. After about 1.5 hours of hiking, travelers who arrive at the right time (around 4 to 4.30 AM) can see Milky Way formation and Blue Fire that is caused by sulfur activities in the crater. After seeing sunrise and the start of mining activities in the crater, travelers can immediately go back to Paltuding Post to depart.

Whether you have short or long period of holiday, Ijen Milky Way formation and Ijen Blue Fire are something you should not skip when you travel to Ijen. Other attractions include beautiful crater that has unique green color because of sulfur content, and yellow smoke coming out of the crater. However, if you stay until afternoon in Ijen, you will smell stronger sulfur odor.

Travel Package to See Ijen Milky Way
The best way to visit Ijen and see Milky Way is by ordering travel package. With travel package, you can get to the main attractions in Ijen without missing the best time to see things such as Milky Way formation, the Blue Fire, and sulfuric lake in the crater. The travel agent will regulate everything from your transportation from starting points such as Surabaya or Malang, the itinerary schedule, and the perfect route to see all the natural attractions, even if you only come for one-day trip.

The Phenomenon milky way in the Ijen Crater

Ijen travel package also gives recommendations of the best accommodations based on your budget. You can stay at government-owned guest house or various small motels outside the area. If you want to make sure of your holiday period the best way, you can use Ijen travel package to see things such as Ijen Milky Way, Ijen crater, the Blue Fire, and other natural attractions.

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