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Tips Backpacker to Kawah Ijen

Tips Backpacker to Kawah Ijen

If you are planning to go to Banyuwangi in order to see the beautiful phenomenon called blue flames, and to see the beauty panoramic of Kawah Ijen then you can try these effective tips backpacker to kawah ijen safely.

4 Tips Backpacker to Kawah Ijen With Low Budget
Traveling with backpacker style is becoming popular lately since people can have fun together with friends or families to another new place with low budget. Kawah Ijen is one of popular tourism spots in East Java that can attract many people’s attention to enjoy this place. However, if you want to save your money while enjoying the trip, you can follow some tips backpacker to Ijen crater with low budget and full preparation that you need to apply.

Tips Backpacker To Kawah Ijen You Need To Know
Even with low budget, you can still enjoy some tourism spots by applying these tips backpacker to kawah ijen as the following:

  1. Choosing the best time to go there
    Since kawah Ijen is in the top of the mountain, you need to find the best time to go there. It is suggested that you have to go on July until September when the dry season comes. Don’t go to crater in rainy season because it will make the road slippery and you may get the accident risk. Also, you need to know the best time to see the best phenomenon that happens in Kawah ijen. You need to climb in the darkness at 2.30 am to see the blue flames and 04.00 am to see the sunrise.
  2. Choosing the cheapest public transportation
    If you choose to travel using backpacker style, then you must not join tour and travel since it costs more money. You need to find the best public transportation to get there by yourself. There are 2 alternative routes to Kawah Ijen. First, you can go from Bondowoso’s bus terminal to Sempol area and then you need to ride motorcycle to Paltuding pos. The second alternative route is from Banyuwangi. You can ride the village minibus to Licin area and continue your journey by riding the sulfur truck to Paltuding post. Then you can climb to the top from Paltuding.
  3. Finding the comfortable home stay
    Before doing the trekking to crater, tourists usually spend a night in some home stay near it. If you want to save your money, you need to find the cheapest home stay with comfortable facilities and also supporting place that make you feel like a home with low budget. However, you need to book it first as soon as possible since many cheaper home stay are already full. Also, if you don’t book first, you might get the uncomfortable room. You can use your application to find the best home stay with low budget easily.
  4. Preparing your belongings
    The most important thing before going to kawah ijen is preparing your belonging completely. You need to bring many beneficial things that will help you during your holiday there. You need to wear thick clothes since the temperature is so cold. Also, you need to bring flashlight to be used as the light when you go trekking at night to see blue flames. Prepare some healthy foods to fulfill your empty stomach on the journey since there are many people who sell food. Mineral water is a must and you need to bring it during your trekking to prevent dehydration.

Tips Backpacker to Kawah Ijen

By applying these tips backpacker to kawah ijen, hope you can enjoy your holiday there safely without obstacles and experience the new situation there.

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