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Tips to B29 Summit in Bromo

Tips to B29 Summit in BromoDo you know B29 Summit (2.900masl) that located at Argosari village, Lumajang east Java ?. Today I will review about travel Tips to B29 summit in Bromo if you want to visit there. Tips to B29 summit require extra efforts, special vehicles and attention to local condition for successful hiking trip.

Travel Tips to B29 Summit in Bromo
B29 summit is a spot every traveler to Bromo loves to conquer, and everyone must know the best travel tips to B29 summit to get the most satisfying and safest experiences. Coming to B29 summit is one of the best experiences in Bromo, but make sure to visit with the best and most convenient method. From the best transportation to how to get foods and drinks during the trip, here are the best tips to reach B29 summit.

Tips to B29 Summit Trip: How to Get There
Thanks to its popularity, the route to B29 summit is relatively easy to access, because the rural route to the mountain is in good condition, and the hiking trek is easy to follow. Tips to B29 summit in Bromo trip depend on your starting point, because there are several routes to reach the summit. Here are the most common routes:

  • If you are from big towns such as Malang or Surabaya, you can go to Senduro Village in Lumajang Regency, and then continue to Argosari Village. You can go on foot, with car or motorbike through rural route until you reach the summit.
  • If you are from Bromo, you can use jeep or trail bike to reach B29 summit. If you come from Bromo adventure, you can also visit other spots such as the savanna field, Teletubbies Hills, and Pasir Berbisik (Whispering Sand).

There are no public transportation’s in the area except motorbike taxi, so make sure you are prepared with the right vehicles. Rental car or jeep is the best, but if you like adventure, you can use motorbike. If you rent motorbike, do not use automatic motorbike (“motor matic”) because it cannot tackle the rougher route. Use motorbike with bigger cc, or just pay for motorbike taxi. If you love adventure and have good stamina, the best tips to B29 summit is by walking from Argosari Village. It takes 3-4 hours to reach the summit, but you will see beautiful view and meet friendly villagers.

What to Bring to B29 Summit
Other best tips to B29 summit trip are carrying the right objects. Going to the summit is challenging, so make sure you only bring the most important stuffs. Bring jacket and other warm clothing stuffs, because the temperature can be so chilly, even in the afternoon. Also, you can find many traditional food stalls or locals selling snacks and water, so you do not have to carry many water containers.

Tips to B29 Summit in Bromo

If there is rain, the road will be slippery, so you are not advised to walk after rain. Make sure to see the local weather guide or signs, and use motorbike or car to go to the summit if possible. Once you reach the summit, you will be treated by beautiful, breathtaking view of cloud-covered surroundings. You can also access other hiking destinations such as in Mount Semeru, Ragulo Lake, and Kumbolo Lake. Use these tips to B29 summit in Bromo for the best and most convenient experiences in your East Java travel.

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