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Tirto Kemanten Waterfall

Tirto kemanten Waterfall

Tirto Kemanten Waterfall is also called Wonorejo Waterfall based on the village where it is located. It is one of the most favorite tourism destinations in Banyuwangi. The waterfall spot is on the Mount Raung cliff. Featuring a couple of waterfalls as high as about 10 meters. The two waterfalls are separated by a big rock and it is also commonly called Twin Waterfall.

Kemanten Waterfall is situated at Wonorejo Hamlet, Kalibaru. Banyuwangi. The waterfall spot is surrounded by cocoa and coffee plantations; you can see the plantations along the road to the area. The plantations have been made for a long time since Dutch colonial and now it becomes one of heritages from the era of Dutch coloniazation.

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Kemanten derived from Javanese language that means Bride and Groom. Meanwhile, the word Tirto means water. The a couple of waterfall that flows side by side looks like a couple of bride and groom that is why the people give the name. The green nature, fresh air, cool temperature and beautiful scenery are the reasons of many visitors come to enjoy the waterfall. For the popularity and many tourists visit the waterfall, many facilities have been built including resort and cottage, parking lot, as well as kinds of food stalls.

The History of Tirto
Tirto Kemanten Waterfall was found by an old man named Citro Wardoyo who was opening the wild forest to be made as plantation areas. As written above, the two waterfalls that sit side by side like bride and groom is the reason of the founder giving the name to the beautiful waterfall couple. Because there are a number of waterfalls on the cliff of Mount Raung in Kalibaru way, this waterfall belongs to the highest level waterfall on the mountain. A great erosion ever happened on the waterfall so it made some damages on the area. The damaged waterfall area has been well fixed and the visitors can enjoy the beauty again today.

Facilities Surrounded the Waterfall Area
Tirto Kemanten Waterfall is a nice tourism destination in Banyuwangi to visit if you love enjoying green nature. The area has a very green view and fresh atmosphere. It closes to the well-organized plantations of cocoa and coffee beans. The natural area is supported by the paths that should be passed in trekking before you reach the waterfall spot. The way is quite steeping and it will be slippery in wet season or after rain falls.

To have a more enjoyable holiday, you can stay in a cottage or resort available near the waterfall spot. The resort is named Margo Utomo. If you stay in the resort, you can enjoy a facility of Jeep riding provided by the resort. The jeep riding will bring you to the waterfall spot more enjoyably and safely.

Tirto kemanten Waterfall

Find some information about the waterfall area, car rental, as well as the resorts and hotel where you can stay as long as your trip. The information will help much and make your tour more enjoyable in Tirto Kemanten Waterfall.

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