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Trail Motorbike Rental at BromoSome option to enjoy the beauty of Bromo to use Trail motorbike rental at Bromo or Rental motor trail Bromo gives you sense of wild adventure on the sandy volcanic plateau near Mount Bromo.

Trail Motorbike Rental at Bromo: Best Ride for Adventurers
Mount Bromo terrain presents many promises of adventure, and a great way to taste adventure here is the trail motorbike rental. Trail motorbike (“motor trail” as the more popular local term) is a great way to enjoy Bromo’s terrain in more adventurous, adrenaline-pumping way. Trail motorbike is one of the most sought-out attractions by the more adventurous travelers in the late decade, and a relatively new addition to other, more common Bromo’s main tourist facilities such as jeep rental, horse rental, and local sellers.

Why Trail Motorbike Rental a Great Option?
Trail motorbike is a great ride for adventurous travelers who want to experience the wild sensation of riding in high speed on Bromo’s volcanic plateau, but it is not the only reason. Trail motorbike in Bromo is also available as an alternative ride when you want to explore but cannot use jeep. Some areas in Bromo cannot be approached with jeep, and you probably do not want to use horse or trail bicycle for some reasons, so in this case, trail motorbike can be a great option.

Bromo has wide sandy volcanic plateau that is ideal for adventurous trail biking, and many travelers actually come to Bromo to enjoy this experience. Plus, compared to jeep, trail motorbike rental offers way cheaper price. If you want to reach a spot that is hard to walk on, you can use the motorbike instead of jeep. Also, it offers more adventurous feeling than riding the horse, since the horse must be guided by the owner. To use motor trail at Bromo you can explore all object tourism around there such us Mount Penanjakan view point 1, Bromo Crater, Hill Savana and Whispering sands that has a beautiful view.

Trail Motorbike Rental Price
Renting a trail motorbike at Mount Bromo is cheaper than jeep, and most of the rental service owners have hourly rates. You probably will find some price differences between services, but the price range is usually around 200,000 Rupiahs per hour (about 15 Dollars). It then adds up every hour, usually another 50,000 Rupiahs every additional hour. Therefore, you can adjust the money you spend with how many hours you actually want to use the motorbike. Trail motorbike rental gives wider options in time and price ranges compared to jeep, for example.

Depending on when you visit Bromo, the rate may change. During peak season, the rate is usually slightly higher (basically just like any other services around Bromo). The rate is usually fixed, although some rental owners probably accept some haggling if it is low season. Nevertheless, the relatively cheaper rate compared to jeep and the adventurous feeling brought while riding the bike in Bromo will surely be worth your payment. Also, the feeling of riding trail motorbike on the beautiful volcanic, sandy terrain in Bromo will make you feel adventurous and “wild.”

Trail Motorbike Rental at Bromo

Some suggestions for you: while riding the motorbike, you can rent photographer service (that is also common in Bromo) to make the best picture of you riding the motorbike, especially if you come alone or have no one that can take good photos while you are riding the bike. If you are good at haggling, you can try getting lower prices from trail motorbike rental in Bromo.

Trail Motorbike Rental at Bromo
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