Travel Route and Access to Baluran National Park Information

Travel Route and Access to Baluran National Park Information

Travel route and access to Baluran National Park

Route and access to Baluran National Park

The information of the travel route and access to Baluran National Park is indeed important for many tourists, especially those who come from abroad. As we know, Baluran Park is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia. It is a massive preservation area that looks like a majestic African savannah. If your country is nowhere near to Africa but closer to Indonesia, you can come to Indonesia instead and still enjoy the sensation of visiting an African savannah.

Baluran National Park is located in Situbondo Regency. It is basically the east border of Java Island. From Banyuwangi, it takes no time at all to cross to Bali Island. So, visiting Baluran National Park can be the start of your journey if you want to go to Bali as well. Below, you will find the further information about National Park including the travel route and access to Baluran National Park.

How to Get Travel Route and Access to Baluran National Park

Getting to Baluran Park is actually quite easy because the area is totally accessible. You can start your journey by getting to a small city called Wonorejo. It is the nearest proper city to get you to Baluran Park. It is situated between Banyuwangi and Probolinggo on the northern coast. If you start from Banyuwangi, make sure you find the Banyuwangi ferry terminal. The park is just 30 minutes away from the terminal. You can go there by car or bus. If you start from the capital of East Java, Surabaya, you can reach the Baluran Park approximately in 5 hours by car.

The park is actually closer to Denpasar than Surabaya. From Denpasar, it takes only 4 hours to reach Baluran Park. Baluran Park is only an hour away from a city called Situbondo. It is also only an hour and half from one of the most famous beaches in East Java, Pasir Putih Beach. There are so many ways you can get to the park. It will be better if you can decide your start point and what vehicle you use to get there. So, you can predict how long the journey to Baluran Park will be.

Access Inside Baluran Park

Just keep it in mind that Baluran Park is a massive park. It is like a vast, really vast, savanna with trees and everything. That is why it is impossible to explore the park by walking, unless you have a super strong pair of feet. Baluran Park is offering touring vehicle (plus the guide), for sure. However, it is usually for a large group of tourist. If you come alone or your travel independently, the cost will be too much. So, it is better to hire a car or take a rental motorbike called ojek. Both rental car and motorbike can make you explore the massive park, enjoy its scenery, and go anywhere you want.

Remember, inside Baluran Park you can also find Bekol Savannah and near it, you can find the beautiful Bama Beach as well. With the rental vehicle and the proper information of the travel route and access to Baluran National Park, your journey will be so enjoyable.

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