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Travel Route and access to climb mount Raung

Mount Raung has very beautiful hiking trails. You will pass through a variety of vegetation and see the beautiful scenery during the hike to the mountain. Although this mountain has heavy and difficult hiking trails, but the climbers are increasingly challenged to climb this mountain. Climbers from different countries are trying to conquer this mountain peak. Tired will disappear after seeing the natural beauty of the peak of Mount Raung. Travel route and access to climb Mount Raung can be passed through Kalibaru and Sumber Waringin.

Travel Route and Access to Climb Mount Raung by Two Challenging Tracks

Kalibaru Hiking Trails

Climbing Mount Raung through Kalibaru is the most extreme track in Java. You need about 6 days. You also need the mental and physical preparation is good, climbing technique, and specialized equipment. Mountain climbing starts from a former mansion in the coffee plantations.

In the first place there are springs and climbers must fill at least 10 liters of water for supplies headed to the next stop. You will pass through the estate to the broad and dense forests. There are many thorny shrubs and trees in the forest. The travel time from first place to second place is 4 hours. Climbers can spend the night in the woods. From the second location to the location to three, you have to pass through the path uphill to the ravine on the left. You will take approximately 1 hour. Furthermore, from third place heading into fourth place you will pass the ramp. After that, you will pass through derivatives and a fairly long uphill road. Tracks travel time is about 2 hours. The next track is a track which is steep and you will find many thorny trees.

We recommend that you use long-sleeved clothing to avoid thorn. This path will become very slippery when it rains. The path you are going through will increasingly steep and narrow for the right and left of you is the gorge, but the route is derivable in just 30 minutes. Ascent will enter an increasingly heavy because this climbing track will be met with strong winds. Thin fog was also a little annoying your views. You also have to be careful because the more thorny trees. In the past, you will find edelweiss flower. When arriving at the summit of Mount Raung, you can see the beauty of the cloud. From a distance you can see the sea, the island of Bali, and other mountain ranges.

Sumber Waringin Hiking Trails

You can drive the motorcycle at the first shelter in order to faster because if you walk, you will take approximately 4 hours and no water source in this mountain except at the base camp. In the second shelter you can relax and build tents. The third shelter is quite extensive. You can spend the night in this place when you are tired. Shelter fourth is the most convenient place to set up camp. The place is marked with two twin adjacent trees. You can set up two tents only. From this place, usually the climbers summit attack at 3 am in order to see the sunrise at the top of the mountain. When you make a summit attack, you must pass through this shelter. The place is very spacious but slightly sloping land. You can reach the highest peak of Mount Raung with hiking tracks at Banyuwangi.

Travel Route and access to climb mount Raung

That’s all about the Travel Route and access to climb mount Raung, Banyuwangi, East java. I hope you can enjoy to read about it and also useful of you who want to hike mount Raung.

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