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Travel Route and Access to Climb Mount Semeru

Travel Route and Access to Climb Mount Semeru

Travel Route and Access to Climb Mount Semeru – Enjoying climbing is such the challenging yet really fun activity for anyone who loves challenges. For sure, there are so many people who are in love enjoying the mount climbing when they have the free time. Sometimes, we just have no idea for where to go when we have the longer free time, as like during the long weekend. If you have a hobby of mount climbing, it is such a good idea for trying various ideas of the mounts to climb. Of course you can try the challenging mount to climb especially for the mounts which you have never climbed before. If you are still clueless, why don’t you try to climb mount Semeru? That is one of the challenging choices for dealing with the mount climbing hobby. That is such a good idea for you to notice about the challenge which is offered regarding to the mount Semeru climbing.

Mount Semeru is the highest mount in Java and of course it is that really challenging for the mount climbers to enjoy the challenge in reaching its peak named Mahameru which is about 3676 masl. Of course, it is a good idea to know about the mount Semeru including about the travel route and access for enjoying mount Semeru climbing. Semeru is located in Malang, East Java, Indonesia. Mount Semeru is involved in the Bromo Tengger Semeru national park. That is in the same area of Mount Bromo, Mount Watangan, Mount Kursi, and also Mount Widodaren.

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If you are going to reach Mount Semeru from Malang city, you can use the public transportation to Tumpang village. Then, you can continue it using the Jeep or even you can simply enjoy the truck which is often used for bringing the vegetables which we can find at the back of market of Tumpang terminal. You will need to pay for about Rp. 20,000 or it is about US $2. It will help you to reach Pos Ranu Pani Pos. Then you need to go to Gubug Klakah for getting the permit and you will need to pay for about Rp. 6000,00 per permit which can be used till 10 people. Then, you also need to pay for the entrance ticket which is about Rp. 17.500 per person up to Rp. 22.500, and Rp.2000,00 for the insurance per person. Then, after that you can continue the trip to Ranu Pani by truck or jeep. If you are from Probolinggo, you will need to go to Terminal Probolinggo to Sukapura and then reach Jemplang Village which is then you can reach Ranu Pani Village. What if you will come there from Pasuruan? You will need to go to Simpang Dengklik, and then the route will be the same as you are from Probolinggo.

Travel Route and Access to Climb Mount Semeru

If you are already reaching Ranupani village, you will go to reach Landengan Dowo. That is about 3km which will need about 90 minutes of walking. Then, you will go to Watu Rejeng which is about 3km from Landengan Dowo. From Watu Rejeng you will work about 120 minutes or about 4.5km to Ranu Kumbolo. From Ranu Kumbolo, you will go to Oro-oro Ombo which is about a kilometre from Rany Kumbolo which need a half of an hour walk. From there, you can reach Cemoro Kandang, which can be reached about 30 minutes of walking or about 1.5km from Orooro Ombo. Then, from Cemoro Kandang you will reach Jambangan which is about 3km far. From Jambangan you can reach Kalimati which is about 2km far, and then go to Arcopodo which is 1.2km far from Kalimati. From Arcopodo, you can walk to Cemoro Tunngal and reach to finish Mahameru which is about 1.5km which takes about 3 to 4 hour of walking.

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