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Malikan white sand beach or is shortly known as Papuma Beach is one of the newest tourist destinations in Jember, East Java. Considered as a still virgin beach, the beauty of Papuma Beach is undeniable. It is still fresh with clean white sands, unique reefs, and beautiful surroundings. Although it is quite new, Papuma Beach has been attracting local and international tourists who are curious to enjoy Indian Ocean from Papuma Beach. However, the information about the location, travel route and access to Papuma Beach may haven’t been widely spread yet. Check this guidance below to find and reach Papuma Beach!

Location of Papuma Beach

Papuma Cape Beach is located in Jember, East Java or in Lojejer Village, Wuluhan to be exact. This location is about 45 Km from the southern Jember city. So, practically, the location is not quite that far from the central city. After knowing its exact location, now let’s learn the travel route and access to Papuma Beach.

Travel Route

Most of tourists reach Surabaya City as the capital of East Java province first, before they continue their journey to Papuma Beach in Jember. From Surabaya City, you can take a bus to Ambulu Bus Station in Jember from Bungurasih Bus Station, Surabaya City. Otherwise, you can take a train from Gubeng Train Station at Surabaya City to Jember Train Station. For the economy class there are ‘Sri Tanjung’ or ‘Logawa’ trains. As for the executive or business class you can take ‘Mutiara’ train.

After you reach Jember, it is better for you to rent a motorcycle, car, or taxi. Why? Because there is no regular public transportation available which can take you to the Papuma Beach directly. It is safer to use the service from the car or motorcycle rentals. They are easy to find near the Bus Station or Train Station. For the tips, it is better to rent car with the driver for the more convenient travel to the Papuma Beach.

Access to Papuma Beach

So, how is actually the access road to Papuma Beach? The access road especially along Ambulu city is quite scary with many sharp turns and steep slopes which reach 450 to 500. Besides, the road is quite bumpy as it hasn’t been fixed well. That is why renting a professional driver is highly recommended. They know better about the difficult access route than the amateur ones. After getting out from Ambulu City, you need only drive straight along the hill’s road. Here, not only you can see a beautiful vegetables plantation, but also monkeys along the road. The road along the hills has been using asphalt. However, in many sides of the road, the asphalt has been broken. So, you definitely shouldn’t expect a smooth journey to reach Papuma Beach.

Travel Route and access to Papuma Beach

That is the brief explanation about the travel route and access to Papuma Beach. Hope after you learn it, you will prepare your trip to Papuma Beach well. Do decide wisely on the best transportation for a more pleasurable vacation.

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