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Travel Tips to Mount Semeru East Java

Travel Tips to Mount Semeru East Java

Packing of travel tips to Mount Semeru East Java require knowledge about what you should bring, especially if you are a beginner hiker who wants to pack efficiently.

Packing Tips to Mount Semeru: What Beginner Hikers Must Bring
Mount Semeru (Mahameru 3.676 masl) offers challenges and natural beauty for hikers of all levels, but the challenging routes make packing tips to Mount Semeru very important. Carrying few essentials is more important than loading many unimportant objects; a mistake many beginner hikers have made when doing their first serious hiking trip. Find out what you should bring to Semeru trip to make your hike more convenient.

Tips to Mount Semeru Hike: Basics to Bring
What things must you carry in your Semeru trip? Here are travel tips to Mount Semeru East Java for backpacker and what basic things to bring with you:

  1. Bag with the right size. A bag with 80 liter capacity is perfect for more than 5 days, but you can bring a bag with just 30 to 50 liter capacity for shorter trip period (3 to 5 days).
  2. Basic clothes and accessories. You must bring clothes that are comfortable, can absorb the sweat, and can warm you up when you sleep, because Semeru can be very cold. You can bring sport shirts or long-sleeved clothes that have similar materials, outer and inner jackets, thick socks, raincoat, hiking gloves, masks, cargo pants, and caps or balaclavas.
  3. Hiking equipment. You must prepare tent, tent poles, sleeping bag, flashlight, batteries, compass, tissue, multipurpose knife (or Swiss Army knife), portable cooking equipment, trash bag to collect your garbage, matches, portable lantern, and drink container. Water bladder is recommended, as it can carry a lot of water capacity.
  4. Foods. You must bring foods that are convenient, easy to carry and eat, and can instantly give you calorie boost you need to tackle the hiking trip. Foods like ready-to-eat sausages or salami, canned meat, honey, bananas, energy bar, beef jerky and hard-boiled eggs are recommended. You can bring isotonic beverage and pieces of palm sugar (“gula merah”) to eat like candy, which are available widely in Indonesian markets and also great sources of quick energy rush.
  5. Personal medications such as for headache, stomachache, flu, and fever. You can also bring cajuput oil, which feels warm and is available widely at many drugstores and stores in Indonesia.
  6. Emergency tools. They include first aid kit, rope or paracord (minimum 50 feet long), flare, and whistle.

The routes of Semeru are full of places to buy water and some snacks, but once you are in the mountain, you are on your own. Make sure you follow all safety steps and carry only the most important essentials.

Tips to Mount Semeru: Miscellaneous Objects
What will you do during the periods when you make the stop? You should bring something to help you passing the time until the next hike. Bring a book or novel that you should finish for a long time, preferably the mass market paperback edition, which is super light even if the book is thick. You can also bring fishing pole, since Semeru has several beautiful lakes. You can also bring foldable camping stool, so you can sit comfortably when unwind.

Travel Tips to Mount Semeru

Climbing Mount Semeru is a tasking activity with many risks, so make sure you know travel tips to Mount Semeru east Java hiking before starting the journey.

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