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Watu Dodol Beach in Banyuwangi

Watu Dodol Beach in Banyuwangi

The Beautiful and Mystical Watu Dodol Beach in Banyuwangi.
Watu Dodol Beach in Banyuwangi is one of the spots which should make into your destination list. Not only when you are particularly visiting Banyuwangi, but also when you are in a road-sea trip from East Java to Bali island. Surely your brief visit to Watu Dodol Beach will leave a strong impression to you.

The History of Watu Dodol Beach
Watu Dodol Beach is the main gate to the most eastern part of Java Island. The name Watu Dodol itself refers to a big stone standing in the side of the beach. Watu is a Javanese word means Stone while Dodol here can be translated as strong and tough. The beach gained its name particularly during Indonesian colonialized and post-independence era.

During the colonialized era in Indonesia, the Japanese army used to make the area near Watu Dodol Beach as their defense base. While during post-independence declaration era, the Dutch army tried to cross Watu Dodol Beacg in order to reach the southern part (Jember) or the western part (Situbondo) of East Java. The unique fact here is both Japanese and Dutch armies had failed in their attempts to move or cut this stone. Even when they hired tens of people to remove of break it, the stone was standing still. When they tried using a ship to pull the stone out, it turned out that the ship was sunk instead. That’s how tough and strong the stone so it becomes the name of the beach.

The Uniqueness of Watu Dodol Beach
Located in Kalipuro, Banyuwangi Regency, you will easily find Watu Dodol beach as it is so strategic being in the side of main road connecting Banyuwangi and Situbondo. You can simply notice if you’ve already been in the area by seeing the big stone. So, what the unique parts about Watu Dodol Beach in Banyuwangi?

  1. The Gandrung Statue
    There is a big Gandrung (an icon of Banyuwangi) statue which becomes the signature of the beach. This beautiful statue brings exotic and mystical feel to the beach.
  2. The Hill
    Visiting Watu Dodol beach, you can’t just stay in the beach and playing with sands and waves. Instead, you can climb the hill near the beach and enjoy the striking scenery of Bali Strip which is way vaster and prettier.
  3. A Freshwater Well
    If we come down to the seashore, we will see a miracle! There is a well which becomes a source of freshwater in the middle of the seawater. During the tides, some seawater will pour into the well, but the water remains fresh and doesn’t feel salty at all.
  4. The Black Reefs and Cactuses
    Unlike the reefs in most beaches, the ones in Watu Dodol Beach are shiny black and very solid. Like it is not unique enough, there are even cactuses growing in the area of the black reefs!
  5. The Bunker
    At Watu Dodol Beach, you can also have historical trip. There are two bunkers which become the defense base and hiding place of Japanese army during 1942-1945 period you can visit at this beach.

Watu Dodol Beach in Banyuwangi

Isn’t Watu Dodol an interesting beach to visit? It is highly recommended for you to visit Watu Dodol Beach in Banyuwangi during the special events such as, Vesak Day or sailing festivals.

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