Whispering Sands Bromo

Whispering Sands Bromo

Awantour.com.Whispering Sands Bromo or (Pasir Berbisik) is part of Bromo Tour and an attraction that You can visit when take a holiday in Mt. Bromo, whispering sand have views of the vast expanse of sand, when you’re in this place as if you were in the Sahara desert.

The beauty of Whispering sands of Bromo

Whispering Sands is a name created by the famous director named Garin Nugroho originating from Indonesia. whispering sea of sand was used as the set of a movie titled “Pasir Berbisik“, they named Sand Whisper because in this place sand grains in the mounting wind like he was whispering. Instantly it was a lot of tourists know the location of this tour as Pasir Berbisik.

A lot of photographers always pass this place. It’s because it has a nice sight for a moment. Usually they perpetuate the pre-wedding photos, advertisements and so on.

How to get to Sea of Sands?

Extremely easy if you are curious as to what form of Whispering Sand locations, you can rent a motorbike trail that  you can rent in the area around Bromo, then you can ask the tribal people perched on the location. so you’re more likely to know the sights of this one, with a duration of 30 minutes from the hotel Bromo area you will arrive at the sea of Whispering Sand.

If you want to visit a place that combined with other attractions. Our advice is to hire a jeep tour. In the morning route visiting the Peak of mount Penanjakan 1 or Seruni point first. Then to the Bromo crater and finally proceed to the attractions of sand Bromo whispered. Things that you need to take when visiting the whispering sands Bromo is to bring a mask and goggles. It’s because at this location a lot of sand and scattered dust.

You can also get our tour packages during 1-days, 2-days or 3-days. The trip will be offered to all the attractions that are in Bromo including Jeep. Then for the rates of this tour, we will give you a special cost, in order to be affordable to your travel budget.

Such a brief article about Whispering Sands. It may be useful for those of you who want to take a holiday to Mount Bromo. So, if you want to take vacation to Bromo by simple way and easy trip, please contact our travel below:

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