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Yadnya Kasada Ceremony

Yadnya Kasada Ceremony

Summary: Yadnya Kasada Ceremony (Indonesian: Upacara Yadnya Kasada Bromo )is held annually by Tengger Tribe people in Bromo, and a proof of long-held tradition of belief as well as a fascinating spectacle.

Yadnya Kasada Ceremony at Mount Bromo, the Holy Ritual of Tengger People
Tengger people in Bromo holds fast to their religious belief and customs, and Yadnya Kasada Ceremony is probably the most famous tradition. Since there is a legend about the early Tengger rulers that lost their youngest child to the gods in Bromo crater, the ceremony is held every year by giving offerings to the same crater, as religious duty and the way to respect the gods that are believed to reside in Bromo.

This ceremony is not just important for the locals, but it is also a great photography object and spectacle that is viewed by many visitors to Bromo every year. The ceremony is one of the most iconic traditions in Bromo area.

The Origins of Yadnya Kasada Ceremony.
The details of Yadnya Kasada Ceremony, which include giving offerings to Bromo crater, root from the legend of Mount Bromo of Jaka Seger and Rara Anteng, the first rulers of Tengger people. After being barren for many years, the couple prayed for children, and the gods promised them multiple children under the premise that they must sacrifice their youngest child. Jaka Seger and Rara Anteng got 25 children afterward, but since they did not want to sacrifice their child, they tried to runaway and hide from the gods. Mount Bromo shook and shot flames because of their disobedience, and the gods snatched the youngest child, made him fall into Bromo crater.

The grieving couple then heard their child’s voice, saying that they must give offerings to the gods in Bromo crater to appease them. The offerings must be given every 14th day of Kasada Month. That was believed to be the origin of Yadnya Kasada Ceremony, in which Tengger people give offerings into the crater every 14th day of Kasada Month (determined through the appearance of full moon), to appease the gods, just like what Jaka Seger and Rara Anteng did.

Details of the Ceremony
Since 14th day of Kasada Month does not come on the same day every year, tourists who want to witness this event usually must ask to travel agents that offer Bromo trip. The ceremony starts several days before the main event. During the period, the villagers and local shamans do many preparations, which are great and vibrant events to witness on their own. The preparation includes preparing offerings that they will give to the gods in Bromo crater.
On the D-day, the people will go in procession while bringing their offerings to Luhur Poten Bromo Temple, and during midnight, the head of the village will appoint the shamans that will bless the offerings. They later bring the offerings to the edge of Bromo crater, and throw them into the crater. This offering is a symbol of gratitude for the blessing of the gods for Tengger people.

The Yadnya Kasada Ceremony is a spectacle that makes tourists flock in Bromo every year, including those from outside Indonesia. If you order a trip to Bromo through travel agent, you can ask about the next ceremony schedule. You are suggested to follow the ceremony from midnight to the next day, so you can see the full magnificence of Yadnya Kasada Ceremony.

Yadnya Kasada Ceremony

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