Entrance Ticket Mount Bromo Semeru National Park

Entrance Ticket Mount Bromo Semeru National Park

Awantour.com. – For tourists from other country before making the trip to Mt. Bromo & Mt. Semeru; Indonesia, you need to know first about how much the entrance fee to this mountain. The Entrance ticket to Mount Bromo & Semeru, East Java is always in talking by overseas, That is because the price of this ticket is not cheap for them.

But the cost is proportional to what is earned during Climb on both of mountain. They can enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery and getting the unforgettable moment. Therefore; we will give the info about the latest information about the price list of entrance Ticket Mount Bromo Semeru National Park.

The Entrance Ticket to Mount Bromo East Java

FOREIGNERIDR. 220.000,/DAYIDR. 320.000,/DAY

In addition to the entrance fee above, there is an additional fee if you bring a 4-wheeled vehicle or motorbike. However, if you bring a private car, you can only bring it up to the entrance ticket area, because the special vehicle to explore all of Bromo’s attractions is a Jeep vehicle. You don’t need to worry about how to get the Jeep, because in Bromo there are already available Jeep rental places.

Car Retribution Entering the Mount Bromo Area

Vehicle TypeEntrance Fee
4 Wheel VehiclesIDR. 10.000,-
Motor cycleIDR. 5.000,-
BicycleIDR. 2.000,-
HorseIDR. 1.500,-

How to Buy the ticket?

Booking online tickets to Mount Bromo is currently very simple, you can visit the official website at https://bookingbromo.bromotenggersemeru.org. Then you look at the procedures and rules according to the established procedures. Then press the “Book Now” button on the site, to order Bromo tickets online.

However, for those of you who want to travel to Semeru, especially if you have to plan for solo travel activities without a travel agent. For online ticket booking information, click the link https://bookingsemeru.bromotenggersemeru.org/. For the the admission for Mount Semeru, you can check the rates below:

The Entrance fee to Mount Semeru

FOREIGNERIDR. 210.000,/DAYIDR. 310.000,/DAY

Actually, there are far differences between the rates for domestic and foreign tourists. So many tourists who object to the price of admission. But the policy also has a good consideration because the difference in foreign currency against the rupiah also affect the decision.

Not to mention the number Labor and maintenance costs to manage such a large tourist area. It is mandatory to provide income that can assist conservation and labor in the area of Mount Semeru.

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