The Entrance Fee of Ijen Crater Attraction

The Entrance Fee of Ijen Crater Attraction – In preparing and calculating the budget to have an enjoyable holiday in Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia, you need to know more about the entrance fee of ijen crater attraction before choosing other supporting needs.

Knowing The Entrance Fee of Ijen Crater attraction in 2022 To Calculate Your Budget

Indonesia has many natural tourism places that are needed to be visited by domestic and foreign tourists to see the beautiful nature. Kawah Ijen is one of the best natural spots that attracts many people to go there and see the real beauty of nature. However, you need to prepare many things before going there such as budget. You need to know the entrance ticket to Ijen attraction in order to calculate the whole budget that you need to spend during your holiday there.

Perhaps, some people might think that the entrance fee to kawah Ijen is expensive from years to years. That’s because the government has raised the fee from Idr. 100.000 into Idr. 150.000 per person. The natural resources conservation agency raised the entrance ticket based on the regulation of government number 12 in 2014 about types and tariffs on non tax state revenue.

For foreign tourists especially during the holidays, the fee will be Idr. 150.000. While the entrance ticket for domestic visitors is also raised from Idr. 5.000 up to Idr. 7.500. below for detail:



Idr. 10.000,- /Day

Idr. 7.500,- /Day


Idr. 150.000,- /Day

Idr. 100.000,- /Day

Another preparation to Ijen

Also, besides thinking for the entrance fee of mount Ijen Crater, you need to think of the price for transportation and home stay during your holiday. If you don’t search it carefully and book first, the accommodation might be full. It might be fully booked by the tour and travels. Many people also use tour and travel to get there since they don’t need to spend more money.

They just need to pay in the early agreement. You don’t need to worry about foods. There are many small eateries that offer many authentic and typical foods from East Java especially Banyuwangi.

More about The Ticket Price to Ijen

In order to get to the top of the crater, you need to hire motorcycle along with the driver. That’s about Idr. 40.000 until Idr. 60.000 that will drop you at the entrance of it. If you sleep in the guesthouse, try to talk with the customer service to organize the Taxi bike driver for certain time. Based on your needs since you may not find them easily.

At the entrance, the guide will take you to the crater to feel the beautiful scenery. Along your journey, you might find many mining workers to take the sulfur. At the top, you might find some people who sell the sulfur figures as the authentic things in Ijen. You can buy them with cheapest price if you bargain them. However, you need to put the right price since they need much effort to take the sulfur everyday.

On October 2017, the volcano entrance to see blue flame has been opened since 02.00am. You need to go about 30 minutes to get the ticket at the booth. You need to hurry up in getting the ticket since sun will rise at 5.30 am.

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